Contributions and Giving to the Lord’s Work at Denton Bible Church

“. . . According to their ability, and beyond their ability, they gave of their own accord. . . ”
2 Corinthians 8:3


General Giving

It is common for people to ask how to give at Denton Bible Church, because we do not pass an offering plate.  We believe that your financial participation in the church is between you and God, and therefore do not pressure you to give by passing the plate.  Instead, we have discretely placed offering boxes on the wall by each exit door in which you may place your tithes and offerings.

If you are attending Denton Bible at one of the main Worship services on Sunday, you may place your offerings in one of the offering boxes.  You may place either cash or checks in any one of the offering boxes, as offerings are collected and counted on a regular basis, and contributions are recorded by Administration.

If you would like to mail your contribution to the Church please address your envelope to:

Denton Bible Church
2300 E. University Drive
Denton, Texas 76209

Online giving is available through The City, our online community for Denton Bible Church. To find out more about The City or request a login click here.

Designated Giving

All contributions are made with the understanding that Denton Bible Church has complete control and discretion over the use of donated funds. Unless otherwise noted, the only goods or services provided are intangible religious benefits.

Charitable Contribution FAQ’s

I want to give cash anonymously to the church and deduct it on my tax return.  Can I do that?

You are certainly welcome to give an anonymous cash gift to Denton Bible Church.  However, the Internal Revenue Service guidelines require that cash contributions be given in an envelope labeled with the name of the donor and be posted on a giving statement by the church to qualify as a charitable contribution.

I have been giving each Sunday, but did not receive a statement for my taxes.  Why?

First, we thank you for your faithful giving!  Personal tax statements are available to print through The City under the “Giving” tab. If you do not have an account on The City and would like to request one you can request one here.

If you or your CPA would like to have a statement mailed or emailed to you, please email a request to or call the church office at 940-297-6700.


Does Denton Bible Church accept stock, real estate or business interests gifts?

Yes. If you would like to discuss gifting stock, real estate or business interests to Denton Bible Church please contact Jerry Falbo, Senior Executive Pastor. or 940-297-6700


Can I donate other items to Denton Bible Church?

Yes. We use iDonate to process other non-cash gifts to benefit Denton Bible Church. iDonate liquidates your car, used electronics and gift cards and in turn issues Denton Bible Church a check less fees on your behalf. iDonate Foundation, LLC provides your receipts for these types of gifts as required by law. You can link to iDonate through The City.