History of DBC

Denton Bible Church started as a church with very humble beginnings. Through constant prayer, faith in God, and abundant grace, Denton Bible Church has introduced many people to Jesus as well as deepened their faith with dt biblical teaching and discipleship.

As you read the history, we hope you will become part of the future of Denton Bible Church.


Mel Sumrall started Denton Bible Church with 14 other Christians. Soon there were 50 people meeting at the Optimist Gym every Sunday.
Tom Nelson joined Mel as an Associate Pastor.
The growing church moved to Camp Copass, a small church camp on the east side of Denton.


3.3 acres of land is purchased on University Drive and construction of a sanctuary (now the Sumrall Center) begins.
On Easter Sunday, the first service in the Sumrall Center is held and attendance grows to 150.
Learning Center I is constructed.
Attendance grows to over 500. The Administrator and Christian Education Director begin, and Mel Sumrall begins the Missions Department. Denton Community Church is planted as DBC goes to two services.
Attendance grows to 694 adults, and DBC moves to three services. A Youth Pastor is hired and starts a Youth Group with 8 students.


Attendance is 1049 adults and 316 children. College and International Student Ministry Directors begin, and additional Missions staff is added.
Attendance is 1363 adults and DBC moves to four services. Vision Ministries and Junior High Ministry begin.
New sanctuary is completed and attendance jumps to 1853 adults and 411 children. Women’s Ministry Director, Singles’ Ministry Director, and additional College Ministry staff are hired.
Attendance grows to 2208 adults and 487 children. Small Groups and Facilities Directors begin, as well as additional College and Missions staff.
Attendance grows to 2411 adults and 542 children. Hanger is built. Lay Institute, Inner City Outreach, and Young Adults/Young Marrieds Directors begin, along with an assistant to the Pastor. New/additional staff in College, Junior High, and Missions.
Attendance grows to 2525 adults and 602 children. Financial and CrossRoads Directors begin, along with new/additional staff in Facilities and College. Learning Center II is built, and “The Cup” opens to serve the UNT campus.

2000 to Present

Attendance grows to 2922 adults and 653 children. Membership, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, and Counseling Directors and Worship Leader begin. New/Additional staff in Young Marrieds, Women’s Ministries, Administration and Facilities is added.
Attendance increases to 3469 and a fourth Sunday service is added. New Modular Classrooms and Facilities Shed are added. SWEAT Teams, Missionary Training Institute, Women’s Discipleship Program & Women’s Directors begin.
New/Additional staff in High School, CrossRoads, and Administration begin.
Moved into a newly constructed 3500-seat sanctuary and children’s learning center.