Connect with ChurchLife!

As ambassadors of Christ, ChurchLife Ministry seeks to serve the church through the following ministries.
Jake Craven, ChurchLife Pastor // 940.297.6835 //
Penny Wootton, Volunteer Coordinator // 940.297.6839 //
Linda Steffensrud, Administrative Assistant // 940.297.6835//
Shawna Sullivan, Administrative Assistant // 940.297.6858 //
Megan Peters, Ministry Assistant // 940.297.6836 //
Nate Woodall, Ministry Assistant // 940.297.6837 //
Jud Sherman, Deacon over Welcoming // 940.464.9700 //
Rod Curbo, Deacon over Fellowships // 940.387.9167 //


The Ambassador ministry at Denton Bible seeks to welcome visitors with the love of Christ. During a visit to DBC, Ambassadors serve as hosts to guide visitors to classes and services while building relationships, making a positive first impression and opening the door for follow up and assimilation.
Gordon Nickell // 214.675.3965 //


Baptism classes and baptism celebrations are held in the DBC Chapel on alternating months.
Wendell & Jann Cantrell // 940.566-6466 //


We celebrate communion the third Sunday of each month. Over forty men are needed to serve communion, in addition to preparation volunteers. If you are interested in serving in one of these capacities, please contact one of the following leaders:
John Harvey, Ministry Leader //
Charlie and Angela McKey, Preparation // 214.924.2260 //

DBC Cares

Are you, or someone you know in our church family, in need?  Whether there is a crisis, an illness, someone in the hospital, need for a visit or a meal, or a widow needs help, DBC Cares wants to know!  Maybe a caregiver needs a break, a cancer patient wants to talk, or a person is without a job and can’t feed the children: Contact DBC Cares so the need can be shared with the ministries of the church and help can be on its way.
To share a need, please fill out the form at dbccares

Fellowship Cafe

The Fellowship Cafe is the gathering place to meet new people and visit with friends while enjoying a cup of coffee.  The ministry leaders are warm and welcoming, providing a place to fellowship before and after the Sunday services. Fellowship Cafe is located in the southwest foyer near the Fellowship Hall.
ChurchLife Office // 940.297.6835 //


The greeting staff at DBC exists to welcome attendees to church each Sunday, and to provide useful information about what is happening across the DBC campus. It is the goal of the greeters to help create an atmosphere suitable for preparing hearts for worship.
Mac Shipley // 972.294.8789 //

Information Centers

For those seeking information or seeking to get “plugged in,” we strive to listen with wisdom, discover each one’s true needs (physically, spiritually, relationally) and to assist them in becoming integrated into DBC church life. Information Centers are located outside of the Worship Center and are staffed during Sunday services.
Scott and Pam Bailey  // 940.297.6835 //


The DBC library contains a variety of Christian books for children and adults including reference materials such as Bible dictionaries, commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, etc. It is located at the southwest entrance near the Fellowship Hall. The library is open Sundays,
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Nancy Harris // 940.484.1925 //

Membership Matters

Membership Matters is the membership class of Denton Bible Church. You will learn about the structure, doctrine, philosophy of ministry, and vision of DBC. Membership Matters may be attended in a variety of formats during the year, including Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon classes. Announcements of upcoming classes will be provided during Sunday worship services and in distributed church literature. The Information Center is equipped to supply information and register participants for Membership Matters.
ChurchLife Office // 940.297.6835 //


The Parking Ministry is the first contact attendees have with DBC. We endeavor to welcome all attendees, help visitors easily access the church building, and keep parking traffic running smoothly.
Jim Parker // 940.206.5785 //

Prayer Counselors

Prayer counselors are made available after each worship service to pray with attenders and offer support and encouragement. Volunteers are always needed.
Steve Barns  // 940.297.6893//

Special Events & Fellowship

Church-wide special events and fellowships usually occur on a quarterly basis. All volunteers to help plan and serve at the events are welcome.
Rod Curbo // 940.387.9167 //

Starting Point

Located across from the chapel outside of the main sanctuary, Starting Point exists to welcome visitors and provide a comfortable, quiet place for those seeking prayer or counsel. Starting Point is the place to go with questions about the sermon message or inquiries about DBC doctrine, beliefs, or philosophies.
Kim and Glenda Adams // 940.464.0879 //


The ushers are available during Sunday services to welcome attendees, welcome visitors, and provide assistance as needs arise. Volunteers are needed and welcome.
Peter Muthiana //

Volunteer Coordinator

We are here to help you to find the place where you can use your gifts to the fullest in serving the body at DBC. Contact Penny Wootton for an individual meeting to discuss your gifts and talents.
Penny Wootton, Volunteer Coordinator // 940.297.6839 //