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The Lay Institute consists of a rotating series of classes offered three times a year on topics including Biblical Languages, Church History, Bible Study Methods, Bible Overview, Theology, Apologetics, and more. They are open to anyone college-age and above, whether or not they attend Denton Bible Church. While these classes are designed for the individual with no prior specialized theological or biblical education (i.e., Seminary or Bible College) they are typically more in-depth and comprehensive than your average Bible study. Students are provided class notes and a syllabus and are responsible for outside reading.

Cost: $15.

Charles Stolfus // 940.297.6725 //

Fall 2016 Classes

Tuesday Nights


with Paul Polk

Sept.27-Nov.1/ 7-9pm/ SMC113

The word of God has much to say about every area of life, and the church is called to bear one another’s burdens.  Introduction to Biblical Counseling will put these two truths together by laying a foundational framework for what the personal ministry of the word (i.e. counseling) looks like in real life.

Church History2

with Corey Newman

Sept.20-Nov.15/ 7-9pm/ SMC201

A study of Christianity from the second century to the dawn of the Reformation with special emphasis on the institutional history of the church as well as theological developments in the church.

Thursday Nights


with Charles Stolfus

Sept.29-Dec.15/ 7-9pm/ SMC113

This course will seek to formulate the rational basis for believing in Christian theism, with responses to objections and critiques of competing worldviews.

Life Together

with Austin Adkins

Sept.8-Oct.13/ 7-9pm/ SMC201

A study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic book Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian in Community.


Registration for Fall 2016 is now closed. Check back in December to see what classes we are offering in the Spring of 2017!
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