Women’s Discipleship Training Program

Preparing Women for Ministry

A nine month intense discipleship and leadership training program for post-graduate women from around the country.

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Program Description

The program is a nine month, intense discipleship and leadership training program for post graduate women from around the country. It is specifically geared toward women who desire to grow in grace and personal knowledge of God and what He has done for each of us—thus leading us to serve in dependence on Him and as an overflow of all that He has done on our behalf. It is not a training ground for those who are seeking to just “build a résumé”.

Program Goal

The goal of this program is to call women to root their affections deeply in our Lord Jesus Christ, walking so closely with Him that He will be reflected in their behavior and their love for Him will spill over into their love for the world; and to equip women for the work of service, to build up the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:12)

Philippians 1:9-11

“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.”


There are 4 basic pillars the program is founded upon that we hope to build into each woman. The order of the pillars is critical as they build on each other.

The program is specifically designed to build on these pillars through:

1. Intense study of the Bible
Both through lecture (from a variety of women and men) and personal study, women are equipped for and challenged to apply bible study in their life. The focus is heavy on the Old Testament since it is the foundation for the rest of the Bible and is usually the most unfamiliar territory.

2. Thought Journals, Response Papers and Projects
Participants are expected to respond to what they have learned by pen; forcing them to think through the material for themselves so they can “own” their understanding of it rather than “rent” it from their teachers.

3. Other Studies
Titus 2 is a study whereby older women follow their Biblical mandate to teach applications of holiness targeting topics particularly geared toward women.

In addition, women go through a study on fleshing out what living as a son/daughter of God (and as His image-bearers) looks like, rather than like a slave or an orphan.

4. Accountability
Accountability occurs through small groups with an older mentor or one on one relationships with a mentor.

5. “Sharing Life”
Created by Denton Bible, this study teaches how to integrate sharing our faith into the normal ongoing flow of the relationships we already have. Program participants go through this and then may help lead it.

6. Service
Each woman in the program commits to serving in one of Denton Bible’s various ministries. Popular choices include: Jr. High, Sr. High, College, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Inner City and Women’s Ministries along with a host of others. There are also expanded opportunities through the various ministries for mission trips.

7. Other
Three retreats are scheduled throughout the year. Each retreat hosts credible speakers at overnight locations. In addition, there are a variety of ongoing practical workshops provided including: finances, time management, relationships, etc.

Who Does the Program?

A woman who commits to the program may look like she’s just out of college, in post graduate pursuits, in her mid thirties, or even a grandmother. She might be a fairly new believer, or she might choose to leave a leadership or a staff position with a campus ministry to have this experience. She might even take a sabbatical from the mission field or a professional career to take part. When it’s all said and done, she might choose to enroll in seminary, or serve within her family, or continue on as a light in the marketplace. She may find herself volunteering in her church, or even having a heart to be on a staff with a church.


What is the Time Frame?
Early/mid August to early/mid May.

The schedule is built shadowing a college schedule with breaks over Christmas and a Spring Break.  The schedule is not necessarily the same for each year.

What is the Financial Cost?
The cost is $600 and is subject to adjustment depending on material/retreat facility expenses. This cost includes retreats and materials used throughout the program.  Cost is not inclusive of any housing or expenses outside of the program tuition itself. In addition, not included in the cost are expenses related to the ministry areas where women choose to serve.

Can I have a Job?
Most women work part-time or semi-full-time jobs during the program.

Participants are discouraged from “pursuing a career” during this 9 month period as the program takes up some early mornings and most evenings and weekends. Participants may not work more than 40 hours per week as it would interfere with this commitment and limit one’s ability to maximize this short term opportunity.

Can I Date?
If single, a commitment is expected to not date during the program, in order to maintain focus and maximize this short season of unique opportunity.

If dating, this must be discussed with and approved by program leadership before being accepted into the program.  If this is the case, an undivided commitment is expected which includes not to become engaged or plan a wedding during this nine month time frame.  Doing so would compete with the focus the program will take.

Can I be in the Program if I’m Married? 
Married women can participate in the program if they have been married for at least one year.  If interested, discuss commitments and ability to focus with program leadership during application process.  Women are encouraged to wait in their application process until after their first year of marriage.

What Are Other Specific Commitments?

  • Program as top priority over all other involvement for this fast paced 9 month season.
  • At least three designated program nights a week.
  • Possibly one to two nights a week serving in chosen ministry (may be more thatn one to two nights with some ministries.)
  • Church on Sunday at Denton Bible Church.
  • Accountability as scheduled.
  • Time protected for study and assignments.
  • Availability for retreats, dinners and other group activities as scheduled.
  • Live in Denton.
  • Work in Denton.  Exceptions are rare and must be approved in advance.
  • All-Church prayer one morning a month.

Program Leadership


I was born and raised in Virginia (affectionately known as “the promised land”) and graduated from James Madison Univ. with degrees, minors and endorsements in Social Science, History, Athletic Training, Health and Education (a crazy combination). I then worked for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as an Area Director for 13 years as well as coaching basketball, track and tennis.

I moved to Denton in 1997 to attend Dallas Theological Seminary and work with College Life at DBC. In 1998, the College Life Director asked me to help him start this Women’s Program. After getting my Masters Degree from DTS in 2001, I was hired by DBC as Director of this program.

In 2002, I met the love of my life and married Dr. Kevin Mark Klughart (a lawyer, electrical engineer and the sweetest, most talented man on the planet). I was 41 and he was 42 and we can authoritatively assure you that waiting for the right person is worth it! We love being married! Kevin is one of the most committed prayer warriors for the women in the program (and for me)! He’s also a great resource when you want a man’s perspective on things or help fixing anything.


The program is most blessed by the presence of one of the Directors of Women’s Ministry at DBC—Ann Little. God’s unique preparation of Ann includes being born and raised in Texas, falling love in college (where she earned a degree to teach elementary school), getting married and having 3 daughters.

God raised the stakes when a knock came at the door letting her know that the love of her life died in a plane crash leaving her as a single mom in her 30’s with 3 young children. After 8 years as a single mom she remarried a man who recently died of cancer. Ann has allowed God to use these tragic losses to further shape & confirm her trust in the Sovereign goodness of our Savior.

She is a wonderful teacher of the scriptures and of life. She has traveled around the world, training women in every culture about what being a woman of God is all about. She played basketball as a kid and tennis as an adult and she doesn’t like to sit on the sidelines of any opportunity life affords. She is a GREAT role model, teacher and friend!

Jean (Oliver) Klughart // 940.300.3234 (office) // 940.320.0581 (fax) //
Director, Women’s Discipleship Training Program