Men’s Conference

The American Male… Where do we stand?

MARCH 22-23

  • Friday evening: 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  •      Check In: 6:00 pm
  •      Conference begins: 7:00 pm
  • Saturday morning: 7:00 am – noon
  •      Continental Breakfast: 7:00 am
  •      Conference begins: 8:25 am

Speaker: Tommy Nelson

Throughout the ages, Christian men have fought a great battle. Everyday, everywhere, around the world, an invisible battle ensues between God’s forces of light and the enemy’s forces of darkness. Whether in biblical days of old, in our present day, or looking to the future, God is looking for faithful men.

In this conference, The American Male, we will learn what qualities the men had in early biblical days that helped them face our formidable enemy, and how to live as a Christian man in our culture today.

Our enemy only knows about our past, and he’s going to use that against us. He will hold up that mirror of who you were and tell you, “You’re not good enough,” and “You can’t do it.” The biggest, boldest step you can take against the enemy is to know your identity in Christ and what that means for your everyday life. When you know His power and love, and you’re living for Him, it is the most powerful thing you can do with the best multi tool out there.

Cost:  Free – but you do need to register.