Daniel: The Key to Prophecy with Tommy Nelson

Photo of Tom Nelson

On April 28th, Senior Pastor Tom Nelson presented a broad overview of Daniel 2, 7 and 9 and showed how these chapters from the Book of Daniel represent a kind of “key” that helps us unlock the Bible’s teaching on the end times. These chapters reveal what God has been and will be doing from the time that Babylon conquered Jerusalem (605 BC) all the way through the time of Christ, the age of faith (the Church Age), and the 2nd Coming of Christ. See below for the outline of the material and the videos of the presentation.


The biblical prophet Daniel presents some of the most spectacular prophecies of future events in all of the Bible. In his multiple prophecies he reveals the historical backdrop against which many of the other prophecies of future events can be understood. Specifically, in a series of prophecies that he received over a lifetime that spanned close to 90 years, he spoke of a succession of kingdoms that would extend from his day far into the future when a divine kingdom will be established on earth.You can read more about it on STW official website.

  • Chapter 2: Daniel interprets a vision that had been given to King Nebuchadnezzar of a statue of a man composed of different metals and materials.
  • Chapter 7: Daniel receives a vision of a series of bizarre beasts including a winged lion, a bear with three ribs placed in its mouth, a winged leopard, and a fourth beast which was simply described as “dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong” and possessing “large iron teeth.”
  • Chapter 9: Daniel receives a vision of what has come to be described as, “the 70th week of Daniel.”


Outline for Tommy’s presentation


Part 1 of Daniel

Part 2 of Daniel