DBC Cares

DBC Cares LogoDBC Cares is a Denton Bible Church ministry dedicated to meeting the needs of the church body by:

  • Effectively caring for one another in a Christ-honoring way:
    • Health needs
    • Hospital visits
    • Home visits
    • Transportation to treatments
    • Meal calendars
    • Cancer and Widow support
  • Receiving, recording, and facilitating the needs of the DBC family
  • Communicating, coordinating resources, and mobilizing servants

Are you, or someone you know in our church family, in need?  Whether there is a crisis, an illness, someone going through cancer or in the hospital, need for a visit, a meal, encouragement, or a widow needs help, DBC Cares wants to know!  Contact DBC Cares so the need can be shared with the ministries of the church and help can be on its way.

To share a need, please fill out and submit the form below: