Lay Institute - Angels & Demons

June 9, 2022 7:00pm

Beginning Thursday June 9 we are providing a 5-week course focusing on all that the Bible says about angels and demons. You could call it a kind of systematic theology of the invisible spiritual realm of angels and demons. Indeed the Bible has much to say about this mysterious subject. Amidst all the worldly speculation and deception relating to the angelic and the demonic, this course will prove to be a great corrective of these false conceptions. We will seek to provide biblical insight into the origin, the nature and character, and the activity of both elect angels and fallen angels (i.e. demons). Then, with these things as a foundation, we will seek to understand how these truths should impact us as believers. Childcare is available, but children MUST be registered each week. Register one week in advance at least one day in advance at

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