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The Lay Institute consists of a rotating series of classes offered three times a year on topics including Biblical Languages, Church History, Bible Study Methods, Bible Overview, Theology, Apologetics, and more. They are open to anyone college-age and above, whether or not they attend Denton Bible Church. While these classes are designed for the individual with no prior specialized theological or biblical education (i.e., Seminary or Bible College) they are typically more in-depth and comprehensive than your average Bible study. Students are provided class notes and a syllabus and are responsible for outside reading.

Cost: $15.

Charles Stolfus // 940.297.6725 //

Spring 2018

A Chronological Overview from the Judges through the Monarchy (Saul, David and Solomon)

About the Class: 

The Old Testament is made up of 39 books which advance an extended period of preparation and anticipation of the coming of Christ and his final sacrifice for the sins of the world. While each of these books contribute something significant and in some cases unique to this narrative, they are not arranged in a chronological order. They are arranged topically and semi-chronologically so it makes it a little bit difficult to understand the continuous storyline that is being advanced throughout the Old Testament. In this class we will work through this redemption story line beginning in the Garden of Eden and continuing throughout the last prophet of the Old Testament, which is then set off from the New Testament by 400 years of silence until John the Baptist breaks that silence with his announcement of the arrival of the Messiah Jesus Christ.

  • Monday Nights staring on February 19th
  • 7-8 weeks

About the Teacher:

Charles Stolfus ()


Church History: The Reformers

About the Class: 

We all know about Martin Luther and John Calvin, but the Reformation was the work of several men and women. We will be looking at biographies of several reformers to get a better understanding of the reformation that was started just 500 years ago.

  • Tuesday Nights staring on February 20th
  • 6-7 weeks

About the Teacher:

Corey Newman ( is on staff at Denton Bible Church in the missions and administration offices and has recently completed a M.Div. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Previously, he received a MA in History from the University of North Texas and taught history at North Central Texas College and Grayson College.

Xplore our Mission to the World (COMING IN APRIL)

About the Class:

Course description: So what is our responsibility in our Mission to the World, anyway? How can we be better equipped to participate in global outreach? Come and share in our Xploration of missions opportunities through DBC!

  • Thursday Nights starting in April

About the Teacher:

Mike Griffis grew up in the Amazon basin as a missionary kid eating strange stuff and having weird pets. After completing graduate school in linguistics, Mike and Michelle worked for 13 years as cross-cultural church planters and leadership trainers amongst least-reached tribal groups in the tropics of Venezuela and Papua New Guinea. For the past 5 years, Mike has served at Denton Bible in our Missions office, with responsibility to oversee our SERVE missionary teams and our Missionary Training Institute at DBC. Mike is very enthusiastic about the great challenge of reaching the world with the gospel.

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