Women’s Discipleship Training Program

Observation plus interpretation without application equals abortion. That is, every time you observe and interpret but fail to apply, you perform an abortion on the Scriptures in terms of their purpose. The Bible was not written to satisfy your curiosity; it was written to transform your life. The ultimate goal of Bible study, then, is not to do something to the Bible, but to allow the Bible to do something to you, so truth becomes tangent to life.

Howard Hendricks, Living By The Book

The Women’s Discipleship Training Program (WDTP) is an academically challenging and application oriented 9-month program designed to facilitate God’s transforming work in women’s hearts as they learn to prefer His thoughts and His ways over their own.

Through in-depth Bible study, personal discipleship, small group accountability and community, service in the local church, and a study of the meta-narrative of scripture, the WDTP will help women grow in their knowledge of God’s character and His redemptive work while developing the lifelong pursuit of discipleship, growing closer to Christ, and leading others to know Him and love Him more.