Women’s Discipleship Training Program

The Women’s Discipleship Training Program (WDTP) is an academically challenging and application oriented 9-month program designed to facilitate God’s transforming work in women’s hearts as they learn to prefer His thoughts and His ways over their own.

Through in-depth Bible study, personal discipleship, small group accountability and community, service in the local church, and a study of the meta-narrative of scripture, the WDTP will help women grow in their knowledge of God’s character and His redemptive work while developing the lifelong pursuit of discipleship, growing closer to Christ, and leading others to know Him and love Him more.



Know the Mind and Character of God so that you can think Biblically



Live in utter dependence on Christ, compelled by His love both missionary and intentionally.



Be led and empowered by His Spirit to serve humbly and skillfully

Learn the meta-narrative of the Bible while getting to know the Author more personally, learning to prefer His thoughts and ways over our own.

Learn in the context of a close, tight-knit community where you will be both personally discipledstart discipling others, and volunteering in a ministry.

Learn from a variety of teachers from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and walks of life including the Chancellor of DTS, DTS profs, and DBC staff (e.g. Tom Nelson).

Study a curriculum that is both academically challenging and application oriented.

Jean Klughart

Director of Women’s Discipleship Training Program

Ann Little

Former (Retired) Director of DBC Women’s Ministry

Meet the Interns

Patti Wren

  • My favorite dance is the ShMoney and I am pretty good at it!
  • Mowing my yard is like painting a masterpiece to me!  I love to work in the garden and the yard.
  • One of my favorite movies is Mamma Mia

The Lord has used Program to show me more and more of His consistent character that never changes.  I have learned to change my heart attitude from relating to God through my performance of the Christian disciplines (that came easy for me as an athlete to do each day—read my bible, pray, go to church, witness, etc.) to relating to Him by grace.  The Lord has shown me that while those disciplines are good, He wants my heart.  Through the teaching of God’s Word in Program, I have grown to love Him more in response to learning how great His love is for His chosen people because of who He is and not because of anything I do for Him.  The Lord has taught me to live in relationship with Him by grace alone!

Lucy Milbitz

  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist when I grew up.

Jesus loves me. That sounds so simple. But program has continually showed me that. The Creator of the universe knows me and loves me. I can’t ever get over that. Through studying His character, His work throughout the Bible, and throughout all of history I am continually amazed at His magnitude, His power, and His love for His people. This program was a very vital chapter in my life, and I am forever grateful for that time.

Carley Nimmo

  • I took German in high school and can actually understand more German than Spanish, which is very little, haha. Sprechen sie Deutsch?

One of my favorite things about WDTP are the retreats! They are jam packed weekends full of great teaching, fellowship, and there’s always THE BEST food! The retreat weekends serve as an opportunity to be fully engaged with scripture, and provide a wonderful opportunity to spend quality, intentional time with the other students and interns. They always go by too fast and I find myself counting down the days until the next one!

Ne’Chelle Lincoln

  • Favorite movie: Princess and the frog (I know every word start to finish)

My favorite thing about program was the way that God’s character was shown throughout the entire program. In learning how He loves me and wants nothing but the best there’s no way I can settle for anything less.

Caroline Hamm

  • I love everything thing Texas Tech University, especially College Football.
  • I patiently wait every year for Pumpkin Spice Lattes to come out

I feel so blessed to be able to watch God transform my heart more and more each time I go through Program. And the life long friendships that have formed during that time have been and remain priceless.

Shelly Pope

  • I am extremely competitive.  I mean, to a fault.  I would love to qualify for the Boston Marathon… someday.
  • Shelly is also an Ironman Triathlete

I grow to love the Lord and His people more year after year.  I am stretched in the best way – the Lord has saw fit to humble me time and time again!  I am so extremely blessed to be in a place where I get to hear such sound, biblical, godly teaching and pour into women who are just as hungry as I am to learn more about how to love our God and serve His people.

Kinsey Adamson

  • I can sing every word of the “Pennies from Heaven” song featured in the movie “Elf“!

The Women’s Program has taught me that real transformation happens at the foot of the cross. John Stott said in his book Living The Cross Centered Life, “The Cross is the blazing fire at which the flame of our love is kindled, but we have to get near enough for its sparks to fall on us.” This program is a constant reminder that a daily relationship with the Lord is not only recommended, it’s necessary and I am grateful for the way it pushes me closer and closer towards Christ.