Do You Pray For Our Country?

Do you pray for our country? I do. I have no confidence in politics, professions, education, science or socialism to fix our problems. Violence, youth, the home, the arts, crime, a general lack of decency, drugs and lack of moral leadership are in a different category from drought and the economy and layoffs. The latter we have always had in some sense but the former are from alienation from God.

From the mid-1800’s onward we dropped from our possibilities the notion that there could be absolute truth, whether from the Bible or from human reason. The ideas and institutions which rest upon right, dignity and values have all eroded. Rising in the place of God and the church are the scientist and professor – not to say what is true but what is not.

Until our country (not necessarily the leaders but the common man) recognizes:

1. The impossibility of human value and morality being able to arise from the present American/western naturalistic worldview . . .

2. The scanty, flawed scientific assertions of our day are constantly changing and have not been the absolute facts that we thought.

3. All of our breakdowns in the 20th century ultimately trace back to the seeking of morals and meaning from a cold universe which provide for neither.

4. Only Biblical Christianity has the possibility of answers.

5. Only prayer can bring the change we desire . . . following a bold courageous life of distinctiveness . . .

This is our only hope . . .

A mass sorrow, frustration, repentance and return . . .

“Stand by the way and watch

Ask for the ancient path where the good way lies

And you shall find rest for your souls.” – Jeremiah

Every day I pray . . . when I think of my country and grieve at its flaws . . . I pray!

I hope that all the Christians in our country have this same sense of desperation.