Finish Well: A Tribute to Todd Wortham

Todd Wortham went to be with the Lord this week. He died “in the harness.” He was in Missouri ministering to those who have been devastated by the tornado. Todd was a first for me in all my years of ministry. He is the first Young Gun to ever die. Many of my Young Guns have been through many struggles but none of them have died. What is ironic is that Todd had beaten cancer. I never saw him when he wasn’t smiling or laughing or encouraging. He was a great and a noble spirit. He was loyal to me, loyal to his wife, Cassi. He was loyal to the program and loyal to his friends. Most of all he was loyal to God. When Paul said to the Corinthians “quit ye like men” what he meant was go all the way to the end; fight till your last dying breath. Some men do this at 90; some men do this at 42. I could not have asked for a better man than Todd Wortham. The ultimate gate crasher. He has pictures with Roger Staubauch and pictures with Gene Simmons. Only Todd. Would that I and every Young Gun finish this well.

“We count those blessed who endured.” – James 5

I’ll see him then,

Tommy Nelson, Sr. Pastor
Denton Bible Church