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Things to Come . . .

When did your journey begin?  Where will it lead?  What is its path? It started for you in the mind of God.  It was called His “decree”.  A plan of all that would take place unto His own glory, sharing all that He is with a unique group of creations in His own image – […]

The Big Trees

“As far as I can penetrate into your character I convceive it to exhibit an extraordinary assemblage of lovely qualities, not without considerable defects. The defects do and always have arisen chiefly from this source – that you are still very young, and that in certain essential respects you do not sufficiently perceive that you […]

Decision Making and The Will of God

“How do you know the will of God?”  At every Campus Crusade Christmas Conference that was the title of the workshop that always drew standing room numbers.  Because every Christian has wondered in the midst of crucial decisions if they were deciding in keeping with God’s will. So how do you know the will of God?  Before we answer the […]

Reflections on Austin at 10 o’clock on a Friday Night

I need some help.  Maybe I’m too old.  Maybe I’m unenlightened.  Maybe reason has failed me. Did we just have a major politico/moral squabble over whether anyone has the “right” to terminate another human being’s life in the womb after 20 weeks? That’s right, at 5 months. Save for the final development of some organs, […]

Engine Light

The 60’s. You either lived them or heard about them. A whole culture grew up amidst them. But our country has never philosophically or morally recovered. There are however some significant lessons that fifty years of hindsight can teach us. If you wrote a book on the 60’s you could call it, “The Little Engine […]

Demons, Vultures, Maggots and Whores

John Banner was a young Jewish man from Vienna in the early 1900’s. As Adolf Hitler began his climb to power John recognized what was coming and came to America. His family stayed in Austria but all died in concentration camps. Young John found a career in America in theatre and movies but ironically the […]

DBC Response to Obama’s Support of Same-Sex Marriage

In light of what our President said this week concerning homosexual marriage many of you may be wondering what Denton Bible’s perspective on it is.  I did an entire message about eight years ago on homosexuality but for a succinct statement at this point my response is this: The President is wrong both on the […]

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Are you interested in some really meaty, stimulating books while you’re stuck indoors because of the heat? A History of Christian Thought by Jonathan Hill traces the progressive doctrinal movement of the church from the century after Christ right up until the present day. It really clarifies where we are and how we got here – […]

Do You Pray For Our Country?

Do you pray for our country? I do. I have no confidence in politics, professions, education, science or socialism to fix our problems. Violence, youth, the home, the arts, crime, a general lack of decency, drugs and lack of moral leadership are in a different category from drought and the economy and layoffs. The latter […]

Finish Well: A Tribute to Todd Wortham

Todd Wortham went to be with the Lord this week. He died “in the harness.” He was in Missouri ministering to those who have been devastated by the tornado. Todd was a first for me in all my years of ministry. He is the first Young Gun to ever die. Many of my Young Guns […]

To Those Who Prayed: A Message From Tommy

To all the guys and girls who prayed face down on all those Sunday nights for all those years, for God to take our fledgling and ragged few and use us for great things: I walked in the sanctuary – the third one – so large, spacious and state-of-the-art. A $21 million project that is […]


What stuff made this man?  This loved man . . . cherished man . . . who held his warring children at bay, then wrath spent . . . beckoned them in union once again. Where the smiles on this man?  Why the deep sorrow traced, etched, furrowed permanent this face? What burdened, broke, bent […]

In Thy Light

The psalmist of Israel wrote in Psalm 36:9, “In Thy light we see light.” A simple line but its truth is the most crucial idea in all of thought, religion, history, politics, and ethics. What it means is that it is through God’s word and understanding (“In Thy light . . .”), that we interpret […]

The Gimper

The chaplain of Dallas seminary in the years I attended was Dr. Richard Seume. He was a tall, stately, ex-pastor with the theatrical voice and booming singing voice perfect for leading us in hymns. And he coined the term, “Gimper.” A Gimper was a Christian who was not content with mediocrity or status quo. He […]

Alone, Exhausted, Victorious

There is a sobering reality that every minister must come to grips with. The reality is that we are going to lose. That statement obviously needs qualification. We will ultimately victor upon the return of Christ, our conquering King. The church will succeed in its divine purpose of saving out the elect of God. “All […]

The Hope of Hypocrisy

There is something about the world that has always amused me and that is its total hypocrisy. Now mind you, “hypocrisy” is the moral darling of the pagan. It is the ideal that has justified a billion renunciations of the notion of Christianity. From the massive heinousness of the Crusades and Inquisition to the pastor […]

Church Etiquette

I’m almost 60. I remember as a boy Momma and Daddy taking us four boys to church. I remember the experience well. Coat and tie (clip-on), shined shoes (tennis shoes verboten), hair greased in place with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, sitting and listening, no moving, no talking, no bathroom break (God forbid), silence prior to the […]