To Those Who Prayed: A Message From Tommy

To all the guys and girls who prayed face down on all those Sunday nights for all those years, for God to take our fledgling and ragged few and use us for great things:

I walked in the sanctuary – the third one – so large, spacious and state-of-the-art. A $21 million project that is almost totally paid for. Almost 4000 adults a Sunday and 1000 children come. Forty two staff minister to every age and demographic. Outside the church, the poor, the inner-city, international students, those in distress, the aged, those in healthcare facilities – all recipients of staff care. Four missions staff oversee 90+ missionaries in 37 countries. Our Media Center sends out 95 CDs a week and a computer set up receives approximately 3500 unique hits per week. Our discipleship at DBC has sent over 400 men and women into full-time ministry.

I could go on and on – why do I? To honor and glorify our great God of power and faithfulness. We sought Him in the lowliness of common men and women in a single man’s house (Joe Goetz) and a single girl’s apartment (Remember those times of serenading by the men?) We asked Him to provide us couples and old people (so Mel could have someone to talk to) and a church building though we could not imagine just how it could come about in our poverty – all we could do was pray. And pray we did. That prayer group has evolved into “First Thursday” prayer for all the church at 6 AM on the first Thursday of every month. We still pray.

God has been faithful to every single dream we had and prayed. He did what we asked and far more. He did “exceeding abundantly beyond what we ask or think.” We were a church of an impossible dream. A church begun by both Mel and me having to leave where we were. The church no one intended to start. Our only hope was prayer.

So to any of you who came together on those Sunday nights and laid on the floor and for an hour asked for nothing personal but for God in His grace to raise up a work in Denton that would exposit the Bible, make disciples, and send out missionaries – God heard what we asked and did above and beyond….

I was 27 then. I’m 60 now. I’m still here doing what I did then and believing what I did then. I labor now on the raising up of young men and women, most of whom were not born when DBC began.

But God has plans…still.

Let us pray.