Below is a note written by Charlie Cornett as he was preparing to leave Denton for Eastern Tennessee in 2007. Many of the things he says “we will” they are currently doing. God is working in Appalachia!

I grew up in the Appalachian Mountain Region of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. By the time I was a teenager I could hardly wait to move away and learn what the world might have to offer a young man. Now, after some forty plus years, Earlene and I can hardly wait to return to the same mountain region that I so desperately wanted to escape as a youngster. Funny how God works!

You see, we want to go home and share what we have learned. Not what the world taught us, but what the God of the Bible has to say about the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ, and how this Book, called the Holy Bible, this written word from God, affects our lives today and for eternity.

Making this move is not a recent decision. We have been planning a ministry in the Appalachian area for more than seven years. However, I realized that the gifts God had given me were not properly developed. To accomplish a task this big, I needed training. So, I enrolled in the Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP) program at Denton Bible Church (DBC). During and after this program I was further developed by DBC through active participation in the ministry of the church, i.e. Greeters, SeniorLife, Starting Point, Vision Ministries, and Short Term Missions. Earlene has completed the Titus II training, Titus II International and is currently enrolled in the Bible Training Center for Leaders at DBC. We will begin by establishing a benevolence ministry to meet physical needs; thereby gaining the trust necessary for us to minister to their spiritual needs. We will work alongside the local, bible teaching churches in an effort to build up the total Body of Christ.