“Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” – Winston Churchill, 1939

Russia sprawls a massive eleven time zones, and most of its 148 million people have never met a Christian. Most Christians barely survived the purges of Stalin and 70 years of atheistic communism. The fledgling church is ready to grow, and is asking for training and resources to do what God is calling them to do – to reach their own people with the gospel of Christ.

How are we doing this? Our goal is to cultivate, equip, and mobilize Christian leaders nationally and locally:

  • CULTIVATE the spiritual development of men and women in leadership (Col 1:28,29)
  • EQUIP them with training and tools for strengthening the church (Eph 4:11,12)
  • MOBILIZING them to reach their communities with the light of Christ (Matt 28:18)

How do you reach the largest country in the world? One leader at a time, who trains and mobilizes others who train and mobilize others. This is the Jesus method of discipleship – focus on a few, who will reach the masses.

Locally, we partner with Moscow Bible Church to train leaders and reach Moscow. Nationally, we use the BTCP curriculum to structure the training and discipleship. Internationally, we connect Christians in the US to churches in Russia, for partnership projects.

Pray, give, and even come – and serve God and Russia with us!