Missionary Training Institute

Missionary Training Institute

MTI was created to prepare Serve international staff candidates for successful and satisfying service both domestically and internationally.

MTI prayerfully strives to develop missionary candidates in four areas:

  1. Spiritually in their character and walk with Christ
  2. Intellectually in their knowledge of Christian Scripture and doctrine
  3. Ministerially in their ability to perform and implement local church ministries
  4. Culturally in their ability to contextualize their teaching and training

Learn more about MTI:

  1. Program Overview
  2. Classroom Curriculum
  3. Admission Requirements
  4. FAQ

John Brown // 940.382.1761 // office@serve-intl.com

Program Overview

MTI is a comprehensive program to equip men and women planning to enter into vocational ministry in the area of international outreach. The program includes:

  1. An overseas stint
  2. Classroom instruction
  3. One-on-one discipleship during the stint and course work
  4. Ministry orientations by DBC ministry directors
  5. Guided ministry practicums in local church contexts
  6. Participation in Serve’s international ourtreach ministry

Typically, the program begins with an overseas stint for six to nine months. International staff candidates will live and work in a location where a Serve team is currently established. After returning to the US, candidates will complete three trimesters of classroom training over twelve months in MTI at Denton Bible Church. Classes are held three mornings a week and follow a typical academic calendar with 2-3 week breaks between each trimester. Students who graduate generally choose either to rejoin the team in their stint location or go on to work in international outreach ministry in another context or Beachway Therapy.

Classroom Curriculum

Classes meet at Denton Bible Church and include the following subjects:

  1. Old Testament Exegesis
  2. Old Testament Survey
  3. New Testament Exegesis – Gospels
  4. New Testament Exegesis – Epistles
  5. New Testament Survey
  6. Biblical Communication
  7. Christian Doctrine I & II
  8. Christian Classics I, II & III
  9. Church History
  10. Christian Life
  11. Ecclesiology
  12. Cultural Anthropology
  13. International Outreach Case Studies

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for acceptance into MTI applicants must be:

  1. Spiritually, physically, financially, mentally and maritally healthy and stable
  2. Proven in Christian character and ministry faithfulness and effectiveness
  3. In agreement with the DBC doctrinal statement and philosophy of ministry
  4. Willing to submit themselves to the authority of the DBC elders and appointed authorities
  5. Members of an evangelical church with at least one year of ministry experience


  1. What is the cost of MTI?Denton Bible Church is committed to sending those who go out for the sake of the Name in a manner worthy of God. Therefore DBC subsidizes all expenses except for textbooks. There are no tuition or student fees for MTI. Participants are responsible for their own living expenses, although some subsidized housing and employment opportunities may be available through the Serve Office.
  2. Do I have to be a member of Denton Bible Church in order to apply to MTI?Membership at Denton Bible Church is not a requirement for admission to MTI. However, all applicants must be in agreement with the DBC doctrinal statement and philosophy of ministry. (add link here)
  3. Is this an appropriate program for me if I am interested in learning more about international outreach but am not certain I want to pursue it as a career?MTI is designed to equip men and women who have decided to pursue international outrach as a career. If this does not describe you, but you are interested in learning more about the Bible or international outreach, Denton Bible Church offers other resources, such as Lay Institute classes and short-term service overseas.
  4. Where does Denton Bible Church currently send teams?You can explore the locations of Serve teams under the “Serve teams around the world” heading in the left column of this page.
  5. Is MTI an accredited school?MTI is not currently an accredited school.
  6. What are the advantages of MTI over a seminary degree?MTI offers a low-cost alternative to a degree from a seminary. MTI instructors are seminary trained and have years of ministry experience in the local church and overseas. Other advantages MTI offers over seminary are:
    1. The support system of a local church setting
    2. Small class size
    3. One-on-one discipleship with instructors
    4. Integration with Denton Bible Church’s sending agency (Leaders Serving Leaders)
    5. Practical experience of an overseas stint
    6. Hands-on ministry experience
    7. Opportunity to develop relationships with fellow-missionaries and supporters