Prayer for America

If you would join us, send us word that we might pray together. This is just a word from me, Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church, I’m 66 years old, have been at Denton Bible Church for 40 years. We have a church of 4,000 folks with a host of missionaries and Christian workers we’ve sent out.  We are praying as a church every Thursday from 12 to 1:00 (actually 12:20 giving people time get here with their lunch). Are there any other churches from Southern California to Bangor, Maine to Key West who would like to join us? Those of whom John called, “your chosen sister”, and of who Peter called, “She who is in Babylon chosen with you.”  Sister churches of the elect lady, who would join with us and mingle your incense before the throne on the altar of prayer.  If you’re a church out there who would like to join in prayer where you are, we’d love to know who you are.   Fill out the form below and sign up to pray with and we will pray together.

Tommy Nelson

Senior Pastor, Denton Bible Church