Bible Training Center for Pastors

Bible Training Center for Pastors

by SERVE Missions on July 08, 2021

BTCP is a 520 hour program that is spread over two years. The class meets every Monday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and the first Saturday morning of each month from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon. There are ten courses and the cost of the book for each course is $20.00.  That is the only cost for the class apart from some other books we will ask you to read along the way.

The purpose of BTCP at Denton Bible is twofold. First, it is to equip Christian men with the Word of God in order to help them grow in their faith, become equipped to become servant leaders, and thereby contribute to fulfilling the Great Commission. Our desire is to raise up men who can become leaders and/or teachers within Denton Bible Church to serve in or become leaders of ministries in the church and/or community. The second purpose is to train men here in Denton that have the desire to eventually be able to teach BTCP in other countries and help equip pastors and leaders to do the work of ministry more effectively. Regional leadership teams are being developed with some of the graduates of our BTCP classes who have a desire to start and maintain biblical training centers in various foreign countries around the world. The goal is to prepare you to be a more effective servant leader in whatever ministry that you are called.

The curriculum of BTCP is uniquely Bible-centered, using a study bible as its main textbook, along with 10 custom designed, self-contained, and comprehensive course manuals. This training course uses a biblical, systematic and comprehensive approach to providing the foundational equivalent of a good Bible college or seminary education. The actual training consists of 520 hours of interactive classroom lecture and discussion under the supervision of a qualified teacher, taking about 2 years to complete. The training uses a life-on-life approach along with a biblically sound, time tested curriculum now used in over 80 countries.

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