Care & Support

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me.
Psalm 23:4

The valleys in life can be dark, but we want to come alongside you in those times. Whether you lose a loved one, experience illness or any hardship, we will be there. We will pray with you, visit you, provide biblical counsel, and help find the best place for help. We want to encourage you to reach out to us with the different challenges and circumstances life presents. Please fill out the form below to let us know how we can help. It is our joy to have the opportunity to serve you during difficult times.

Pastoral Care

Bear one another’s burdens. Gal. 6:2

As life presents pain and challenges with sickness and death it is our desire to walk with you and help bear some of those burdens. Many times, the difference between surviving and thriving difficult times is the loving support of a friend. Our pastoral care team considers it a privilege to pray, visit, comfort, or walk with you during hard times. We have a variety of ways that we can serve and encourage you in depending on your specific circumstance. Please call our office at 940-297-6880 or fill out the form below so we can know how to best minister to you.