Providing childcare during gatherings and events.

Childcare is available for children 4-months-old to those currently enrolled in the third grade during the week and on Sunday evening for parents enrolled in a small group, Bible study, or special event. We offer safe and secure childcare by trained, loving, staff with fun, Bible-based activities. Contact your ministry or group leader to request child care for Bible studies, small groups or special events.

Children will need to be registered for childcare each week so that our staff is able to plan and prepare for your children. Select an event below to sign up. Registration will be active a week prior to your event and will close 24 hours prior to your event. If you need to cancel at any point, please text Rebecca Smith at 972-765-7486. In order to check in when you arrive, you will need to use the DBC app.

checking in with the DBC app

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