Kindergarten - 5th grade

Sundays 11am
Children's Learning Center: 2nd floor

Our elementary program is a creative, interactive, small group/large group format for kindergarten through 5th grade.  All grades meet on the second floor of the Children’s Learning Center. Our goal is to impact kids’ lives through worship, praise, and drama with a very special emphasis on individual relationships with small group leaders and teachers. Whether we are studying lessons from the Old or New Testament, every lesson points to Jesus. Each Sunday we make sure each child knows that God loves them.

Ashley Hickey // 940.297.6785 // 


The Gospel Project:

Christ Centered, chronological Bible Studies. Find out more about what our  KidsLife  kids are studying at GOSPELPROJECT.COM.

Wellness Policy

Children who show signs of fever, vomiting, or other contagious illnesses should be symptom and fever free for 24 hours before coming to Celebration Kids.

Core Values

  • Child Focused: Everything in our ministry must impress upon the children that they matter to God and to us.
  • Application Oriented Bible Teaching: We teach the Bible to the children so they are able to translate Bible truths into relevant, real experiences.
  • Creative Bible Teaching: We teach the Bible to children so it is not boring. We actively engage the children in memorable explorations of God and His Word involving them in interactive learning.
  • Intentional Shepherding: We build relationships with the children. We get to know them and their families. We create a sense of community among the teachers and the children so everyone feels a part of God’s family.
  • FUN: We make instruction and learning fun so each child will eagerly seek out the things of God and experience joy in learning about God and His love and being in His house.
  • Parent Targeted: We involve, inform and train parents to be their children’s first and best teachers.
  • Safe: Everything about our ministry must create a sense of safety for the children – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sunday Registration

We are excited to be in the Children’s Learning Center during the 11:00 service! There have been some changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our excitement about sharing Jesus with your children! We have prayed and made plans that we hope will allow us to have Sunday morning activities for all our children in a safe way.

Our Children’s Ministry currently has modified class sizes, and because of that, we need you to register your children each week. Registration will be open each Wednesday at 5:30AM and close on Saturday at noon.


Ashley Hickey

Elementary Coordinator

Katie Smith

Crystal Pride

Alix Ker

Marissa Krahn

Frankie Lane