My Denton Bible

An interactive, community website for members and partners of Denton Bible Church. On My Denton Bible, you can update your information, give to the church, manage your groups, join a short-term mission trip, and more.

View and update details related to your Household. You can update information about yourself and your family members by using the ‘Edit Household Member’ buttons or request a change to your home address using the form below.

Request an update to your personal information

Make a donation, see details of your past financial gifts, view and download PDFs of your giving statements, and update your Statement delivery method.

Make a Donation

View all the groups in which you participate.

Group leaders will have the ability to click the GroupLife button and access additional tools in order to see who is in the group, schedule meetings, take attendance, manage volunteers, and send messages.

Choose which mailing lists you would like to receive. To unsubscribe from a list, simply deselect the checkbox associated with that list.

See invoice history and pay any remaining balances.

Invoices are displayed newest to oldest if the invoice date is within the past 360 days. If there is an outstanding balance, the invoice card will have a "Pay Now" button that will take you to the Invoice Details & Payment Widget, where you can pay your outstanding balance.

View and manage your upcoming Mission Trips.

Find contact info for other DBC members. 

The Denton Bible Church Directory is available to and contains only Denton Bible Church Members. The contact information on Denton Bible Church members in this Directory is made available for information purposes only. Please note that not all Members have been background checked or vetted by the Church.

If you would like to have your information appear in the directory, go to the Household tab of the MyDBC page and click the Edit Household Member button. Then, deselect the Hide From Online Directory option under Communication Preferences. You can also select Email Unlisted to remove your email address from the directory or Mobile Phone Unlisted to remove your mobile number from the directory. Click Save and your information will be immediately updated.

Request an update to your personal information