Denton Bible Student Ministries’ biggest summer sporting extravaganza! With basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, softball, football, dance, cheer/tumbling and volleyball, there is bound to be a sport for your child to enjoy. DBSM is committed to student-led ministry and Sportsworld is a great example! Sportsworld is for those who have completed K-5th Grade – minimum of 6 years old.


Sportsworld is a safe, exciting and fun environment where your son or daughter can learn and develop essential physical skills as they learn what it means to not be ashamed of the Gospel and to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mornings are spent at their sports clinics while afternoons are an all out red versus blue exciting game competition. So wear your color and get ready to rumble!

Sportsworld is a missions opportunity for students involved in Student Ministries at Denton Bible Church. The purpose of our camp is to allow our students a chance to minister to kids six-years-old to fifth grade in in the Denton area. We also hire godly coaches to come in and head up each sport for the week. For more information on Denton Bible Student Ministries, please check out the Students page.

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