Hope for every marriage.

At Denton Bible Church, we believe that strong marriages rooted in Christ are the foundation of thriving homes, churches, and communities. Our desire is to build up and strengthen every marriage. Re-engage is a semester program where you will gather with other couples to find inspiration, encouragement, friendship and hope. Tap into a community of people who want nothing more than to help bolster your relationship with the one you care about most. This amazing marriage series is for any couple who's ready to level up their marriage.

Each week you will hear stories from other couples who are seeking a better marriage. You will be in a small group with 4-6 other couples to go through the Re-engage curriculum. Each group is led by a facilitator couple where you will learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and grow closer to your spouse. We ask couples to commit to attend weekly, prepare their homework and stay with their group until they complete the curriculum.

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A Better Marriage Starts


Fall Semester Meets Thursdays 7-9pm
August 15th - December 12th
Student Ministry Center

Registration opens July 1st


Every marriage has room for improvement. Re|engage helps marriages go from good to great!


Perhaps a drift has occurred with your spouse. Re|engage gives you a safe space to work on your relationship together.


There is hope for your marriage. Couples have seen their marriages transformed through Re|engage in spite of infidelity, apathy, conflict, divorce, and other marital issues.